Partial Dentures

Are you missing only a few of your teeth? Partial dentures could be the answer. They are specially designed to fill up gaps in your teeth and restore your long-lost smile. 

Replace your missing natural teeth with a partial denture, to fill the gaps and give you the confidence to smile again. There are a few options when it comes to partial dentures, from acrylic partials, cobalt chrome partials to flexible partials to replace 1 or 2 teeth. Partial dentures give you the confidence to smile again, can help with speech and increase your chewing capabilities. You can add denture teeth to your partial denture if you continue to lose more of your natural teeth down the track.

Acrylic partial dentures – the most cost-effective replacement of your natural teeth. They are held in place usually by metal retainers (clasps) that clip around your remaining teeth and by using the undercuts of your natural teeth.

Chrome Partial Dentures – less bulky compared to acrylic dentures. Being made from metal, chrome dentures conduct warmth and coolness allowing more sensations when eating. Like acrylic dentures chrome partials are held in place by metal retainers (clasps). Chrome partials are stronger and more comfortable than acrylic dentures.

Flexible Dentures – Smaller and thinner dentures typically designed to replace one or two teeth. No metal retainers, the denture base itself is flexible and wraps around your natural teeth and holds the plate in place. They are comfortable and natural looking. Made from a nylon-based material, flexible dentures are strong, secure and an affordable option.

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